-Album Details-

Catalog Number:  WWCE-31341~5
Release Date:  Oct 29, 2014

-Music Credits-

Composed by Masami Ueda, Naofumi Harada, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Norihiko Hibino, Takahiro Izutani, Satoshi Igarashi, Hitomi Kurokawa, Takayasu Sodeoka, Rei Kondoh, Naoto Tanaka, Henry Mancini, Julius Fučík, Gioachino Rossini, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, Georg Friedrich Händel, Johann Sebastian Bach


Disc 1 
01 Title
02 The Legend of Aesir
03 EV01 A Lumen Sage
04 EV02 The End
05 GM01 Chapter Start
06 EV03-1 Prologue
07 EV03-2 Shopping (A)
08 EV03-3 Jeanne's Entrance
09 EV03-4 Premonition (A)
10 EV03-5 Premonition (B)
11 EV03-6 Shopping (B)
12 EV03-7 Bayonetta, Ready to Fight (A)
13 Moon River (∞ Climax Mix)
14 EV04-1 A Present from Rodin (A)
15 EV04-2 Trying On Love Is Blue
16 EV04-3 A Present from Rodin (B)
17 Theme of Bayonetta 2 - Tomorrow is Mine
18 Angels Descend
19 Mad Rush
20 The Heavies (2nd Climax Ver.)
21 Summoning the Infernal Demon (2nd Climax Ver.)
22 EV05 Gomorrah Goes Beresek
23 Gomorrah - Devourer of the Divine
24 Time for the Climax!
25 EV06 Sadness and Anger
26 The Gates of Hell
27 EV07-1 Jeanne's Fate
28 EV07-2 To the Gates of Hell
29 GM02 Chapter Complete
30 EV08 Enzo Talks and Talks
31 EV09-1 In the Jet With Enzo (A)
32 EV09-2 In the Jet With Enzo (B)
33 ST01 The Water Capital of Noatun
34 Remembrance of Time (A)
35 ST02 Noatun, Ruins of Chaos
36 Rising Alley
37 ST03 Noatun: The Cascade Foregrounds

Disc 2 
01 EV10-1 Loki, The Mysterious Youth Appears
02 EV10-2 Talking With Loki (A)
03 EV10-3 Talking With Loki (B)
04 EV11 Valiance Appears
05 ST04 Noatun: The Church
06 EV12 Reunited With Loki
07 Crisis!
08 EV13 Crisis Approaching Loki
09 EV14-1 Moonstruck Lovers
10 EV14-2 Fleur De La Reine
11 EV14-3 Here's Lukax
12 EV14-4 The Eyes of the World
13 EV14-5 Our Little Guide
14 EV15 Tsunami: The Remembrance of Time's Power
15 Big Wave
16 EV16 At the Cathedral: The Remembrance of Time's Power
17 Remembrance of Time (B)
18 EV17 Talking With Loki (C)
19 Glamor's Return
20 Glamor - In Charm and Allure
21 EV18 Loki's Fall
22 EV19 Something Unsettling…
23 ST05 Noatun At Dusk
24 EV20-1 The Two Meet (A)
25 EV20-2 The Two Meet (B)
26 Trouble For Loki
27 EV21 The Masked Lumen
28 The Lumen Sage
29 The Lumen Sage & Fortitudo
30 The Lumen Sage & Temperantia
31 Punch-Out!!
32 The Lumen Sage - Climax
33 EV22 Loki's… End?
34 To the Cathedral of Cascades
35 Demons Descend
36 ST06 The Cathedral of Cascades
37 EV23-1 Hovering Sphere
38 EV23-2 Sensing Something From Behind
39 EV24 The World's Beginning
40 EV25 Talking With Luka
41 To the Top

Disc 3 
01 EV27 Valor's Entrance
02 Valor - In Courage and Galantry
03 EV28-1 To the Lake's Depths
04 EV28-2 A Remembrance of Time: The Ark
05 Insidious - Consumer of All
06 EV29 The Ark, Swallowed
07 ST07 Inside Insidious
08 EV30 The Masked Lumen, Again
09 EV31 Pendant
10 ST08 Ruins of Lost Memory
11 EV32 Golem Appears
12 The Giants
13 Remembrance of Time (C)
14 To the Entrance of Inferno
15 EV33 The Masked Lumen and the Prophet
16 Beyond Time
17 EV34-1 Power Surpassing Time and Space
18 EV34-2 Upsetting Reality (A)
19 EV24-3 Upsetting Reality (B)
20 ST09 The Depths
21 Raid!
22 ST10 The Depths: Johnson Forest
23 EV35 Talking With Rodin In Inferno
24 EV36-1 Alraune's Entrance
25 EV36-2 Hatred For Madama Butterfly (A)
26 EV36-3 Hatred For Madama Butterfly (B)
27 Alraune - Whisperer of Dementia
28 EV37 Alraune's Wrath
29 Alraune - Whisperer of Insanity
30 EV38-1 Saving a Friend (A)
31 EV38-2 Saving a Friend (B)
32 EV38-3 Saving a Friend (C)
33 EV38-4 Rodin's Art

Disc 4 
01 Friendship
02 EV39-1 The Umbra and the Lumen (A)
03 EV39-2 The Umbra and the Lumen (B)
04 You May Call Me Father
05 EV40 Loki Awakens
06 EV41 Vigrid, 500 Years Before
07 ST11-1 Vigrid (A)
08 EV42 Rosa's Entrance
09 ST11-2 Vigrid (B)
10 Fortitudo - In Labors and Dangers
11 ST11-3 Vigrid (C)
12 ST12 Underground Passage
13 ST13-1 Molten Caverns (A)
14 The Heavies (1st Climax Ver.)
15 Summoning the Infernal Demon (1st Climax Ver.)
16 ST13-2 Molten Caverns (B)
17 Riders of the Light
18 ST14 The Witches' Training Grounds
19 ST15 The Great War, Land Battle
20 Sapientia - In the Choice Between Good and Evil
21 EV43 Resplendence's Judgment
22 ST16 The Great War, Aerial Battle
23 Iustitia - In Giving Every Man His Due

Disc 5 
01 Temperantia - In Foregoing Pleasures
02 One of a Kind
03 EV44 Loptr's Entrance
04 EV45-1 Luka and Loki's Talk At the Entrance of Inferno (A)
05 EV45-2 Luka and Loki's Talk At the Entrance of Inferno (B)
06 ST17 Crescent Valley (2nd Climax Ver.)
07 EV46 Truth
08 EV47 My True Love
09 EV48-1 To Fimbulventr, The Sacred Mountain (A)
10 EV48-2 To Fimbulventr, The Sacred Mountain (B)
11 EV49 Loki and Luka Head To The Temple
12 ST18 To the Severeign Quarters
13 EV50-1 His Real Revenge
14 EV50-2 Loptr Speaks (A)
15 EV50-3 Loptr Speaks (B)
16 EV50-4 Luka Rushes In
17 EV50-5 Bayonetta, Ready To Fight (B)
18 EV51-1 Aesir, The God of Chaos
19 EV51-2 With Balder
20 Aesir
21 EV52-1 Loki's Gamble (A)
22 EV52-2 Loki's Gamble (B)
23 The God of Chaos!?
24 EV53-1 Balder's Decision
25 EV53-2 My Dear, Sweet Child
26 EV53-3 See You Around
27 EV54 Epilogue
28 Let's Dance, Boys! (2nd Climax Ver.)
29 Moon River
30 EV55 The Beginning
31 Sweet Memories
32 GM03 Verse Result Jingle
33 SE01 Stone Coin Jingle
34 SE02 Bronze Coin Jingle
35 GM04 Silver Coin Jingle
36 GM05 Gold Coin Jingle
37 GM06 Platinum Coin Jingle
38 Mysterious Destiny (Retro Version)
39 Blood & Darkness
40 Angelic Hymns Gold LP: Entrance of the Gladiators
41 Angelic Hymns Gold LP: William Tell Overture
42 Angelic Hymns Gold LP: Der Hölle Rache
43 Angelic Hymns Gold LP: Erlkönig
44 Angelic Hymns Gold LP: The Harmonious Blacksmith
45 Angelic Hymns Gold LP: Matthäus-Passion
46 E3 2013 Promotion
47 Trailer End Credits


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