Kirby Triple Deluxe Sound Selection Game archive K

-Album Details-

Title: Kirby Triple Deluxe Sound Selection
Publisher:  Nintendo
Catalog Number: NTDT-17291
Release Date: Apr 30, 2014

-Music Credits-

Composed by Hirokazu Ando, Jun Ishikawa


01 The Sky, the Sun and the World Tree
02 Green Greens
03 The Flower Garden of the Floating Continent
04 Inhale Everything! Big Bang
05 Cave in the Sky
06 Tilt Puzzle Solution
07 Mid Boss Battle: Chasing a Friend and a Guy
08 Hiking Deep in the Forest
09 Invincible
10 Lightless Dark Clouds
11 Jump Out! Boss Battle in the Front and Back
12 Grand Sunstone ~ Kirby Dance
13 Under the Sunshine
14 Bouncing Dedede
15 Toy Rhythm
16 Boing Boing Thwap Factory
17 A Laughing Shadow in the Back of the Mirror
18 Sunset in the Sky
19 Silvery White Story
20 Spin Spin Jungle
21 Golden Mythology
22 Mountains of the Furious Heavens
23 Mysterious Trap
24 Ripple Red
25 Kirby Fighters!
26 4 Player Battle ~ Coo's Forest
27 Secret Area: HAL Room
28 Flowers Arrive at the Imperial Capital
29 Imperial Capital Sectra Tor in the Moonlight
30 Prison of Beauty
31 Big Bang All-Stars
32 Taranza, Master of Puppetry
33 Revenge of Enemy
34 Crown Reinstatement: D.D.D.
35 Divine Beauty
36 Dirty&Beauty
37 She Who Holds the Stars
38 Mad Flower Under a Moon the Color of Water
39 The Hero Is Late
40 Battle of the Soul Multiplied by the Stars
42 1 of the Miracles
43 King Warped!?
44 Colosseum Battle
45 The Strongest Shadow Survives
46 True Peace of Mind
47 Dedede Deluxe!!!
48 A Flower Eternally Sleeping in the Moonlight
49 The Disappearance of the King and the Wish that Sprouted from the Seed


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