Soul Sacrifice Original Soundtrack Game archive S

-Album Details-

Title:  Soul Sacrifice Original Soundtrack
Publisher:  TEAM Entertainment
Catalog Number:  KDSD-00619
Release Date:  Mar 13, 2013

-Music Credits-

Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, Wataru Hokoyama


01 Hopeless Overture
02 Beginning of the End
03 The Silence That Naught Beats
04 A Certain Magician's Life
05 The Sky Used to Be Blue
06 Non-Humans
07 That Which Is Left on the Battlefield
08 Tearful Tone
09 Dangerous Miasma
10 Black Magnificence
11 The Requiem Hidden in One's Heart
12 Look at That Sinful Arm
13 Seething Malice
14 The Will to Power
15 Flying Nightmare
16 Damaged Page
17 Queer Rhapsody
18 These Designs Are Like a Heat Wave
19 Gray Rain
20 Soul Melody -main theme-
21 A Sigh of Relief
22 Footsteps of Evil
23 Rumbles Echoing with Regrets
24 Even If This Body Falls to Ruins
25 The Past Connected by Lines
26 March of the Dead
27 Malicious Black Flames
28 This Abyssal World
29 Heartbreaking Sounds
30 Sad Reunion
31 An Eternal Fight to End
32 Hope and Future on the Same Page


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