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-Album Details-

Title:  Rhythm Kaitou R Koutei Napoleon no Isan Original Soundtrack
Publisher:  Wave Master, Inc.
Catalog Number:  WWCE-31266~8
Release Date:  February 15th, 2012

-Music Credits-


Disc-1 (58:27)

01. Theme of Kaitou R
02. The Story So Far...
03. Mystere Incident
04. The Appearance of Ralph
05. Kaitou R Jingle
07. Rhythm Game Clear
08. Secret of the Crest
09. Night in Paris
10. Trick of Sound
11. Trick of Sound Clear
12. Trespass
13. Trespassing the Louvre Art Museum
14. Time Limit
15. The Appearance of Police Superintendent Borduoin
16. Escape from the Parisian City Police
17. Day in Paris
18. A Rendezvous With Maria
19. Napoleon's Theme
20. Battle Akuma no Kishidan
21. Disappearing R
22. Chapter
23. Ralph's Daily Routine
24. Leaving the Noble Daughter of the Moon
25. Drive Out Akuma no Kishidan
26. Escape from Notre Dame
27. Infiltrating the Parisian City Police
28. The Appearance of Detective Claude
29. Advancing Through the Underground Passage
30. Napoleon's Hideout
31. Princess Elisabeth and Maria
32. Pass the Valet Test
33. The Epic Battle of Mysterious Thief Fondue
34. Showdown Butler Rowan
35. Escape from the Opera House
36. Another Decisive Battle Detective Claude
37. Claude's Rematch
38. Maria's Theme
39. Ralph Encouraging Maria
40. Encourage Maria
41. Day in Paris ver.2

Disc-2 (1:03:44)

01. R
02. Main Menu
03. The Secret of the Apartment
04. The Father Who Has Gone
05. Trespassing the Louvre Art Museum Again
06. Pass the Musical Performance Test (Air on the G String)
07. La musique dans les monuments
08. At the Celebration Grounds
09. SHALL WE DANCE? (The Blue Danube)
10. Showdown Emperor Napoleon
11. Eiffel Tower Battle
12. Kaitou R, Defeated by the Assassin's Plot (Fugue in G minor, "Little", BWV 578)
13. Making an Escape on a Glider
14. Infiltrating Elisabeth's Manor
15. Borduoin vs. Kishidan
16. Hurry to the Eiffel Tower
17. Key to the Dragon Throne
18. Napoleon's Speech
19. Last Battle Akuma no Kishidan
20. Elisabeth Defeated by the Assassin's Plot
21. The Real Akuma no Kishidan
22. Stop Heimlich (Fugue in G minor, "Little", BWV 578)
23. Advancing to the Sky Garden
24. Decisive Battle Emperor Napoleon
25. Storm of Paris
26. Hope's Melody
27. Tiamat's Bracelet, Sparkling Moment
28. Inheriting the Purpose
29. Escaping the Courtyard Garden
30. Paris Festival Victory Song
31. Parting from Maria
33. Goodbye Kaitou R
34. Je te dis au revoir
35. Visiting Kaitou R

Disc-3 (42:28)

01. F?e de Paris (Je te veux)
02. Jump! Epic Meat Battle
03. Rhythm Kitchen
04. Tomoko Sasaki & Samba Carnival (VAMOS A CARNAVAL!)
05. Love Tactics
07. Imposter Kaitou R Appears! (Option Remix)
08. Imposter Kaitou R Again?
09. I Can Dance for You (I Can Die for You~Rapid 60's Time MIX~)
10. Searching for a Sound
11. Shop Open
12. Legendary Musical Instruments Store
13. FAILED...
14. One of the Best Bodyguards in Paris
15. Again! Epic Meat Battle
16. Love Tactics The Power of Love
17. Restaurant Test
18. Fondue's Wish
19. The Bonds Between a Parent and Child
20. Solo Music of Illusion
21. Je te dis au revoir (Instrumental)


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