Bayonetta Preorder Purchase Bonus Original Soundtrack "Rodin's Selection" Game archive B

-Album Details-

Title:  Bayonetta Preorder Purchase Bonus Original Soundtrack "Rodin's Selection"
Publisher:  Sega
Catalog Number:  N/A
Release Date:  Oct 29, 2009

-Music Credits-

Given to those who pre-ordered the game in Japan.

01.02 Music by Hiroshi Yamaguchi
03 Music by Rei Kondoh (T's MUSIC) 
04 Music by Masami Ueda, Vocal Performance by Helena Noguerra, Lyrics by Nikola Obermann
05 Music by Masami Ueda
06 Music by Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Trumpet Performance by Yohei Ichikawa

While the credits in the book state that track 6 was composed by Masami Ueda, the official Bayonetta blog gives the correct credit to Hiroshi Yamaguchi.


01 One Of A Kind
02 Riders Of The Light
03 Battle For The Umbra Throne
04 Theme Of Bayonetta - Mysterious Destiny
05 The Old City Of Vigrid
06 The Gates Of Hell


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