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-Album Details-

Title:  Soulcalibur V Original Soundtrack
Publisher:  Creative Intelligence Arts, Inc.
Catalog Number:  SCV-0010112L
Release Date:  January 31st, 2012

-Music Credits-

Music Produced and Directed by Hiroaki Yura (Creative Intelligence Arts, Inc)
Music Supervisor: Hiroaki Yura
Sound Director: Junichi Nakatsuru (NBGI)

Music by 
Junichi Nakatsuru (NBGI) / Andrew Aversa / Cris Velasco
Hiroki Kikuta / Inon Zur / Tomoki Miyoshi

Orchestration by 
Andrew Aversa / Daniel Nelson / Tim Davies
Tomoki Miyoshi / Wilbert Roget, II

Performance by 
Eminence Symphony Orchestra / Eminence Symphonic Choir
Eminence Artists
Piano Solo: Jem Harding / Vocal Solo: Jillian Aversa and Mari Yoshida
Boy Soprano: Liam Crisanti / Violin Solo: Hiroaki Yura
Recorded and Mixed at Trackdown Scoring Stage, Sydney AUSTRALIA

Post Production
Music Engineer: John Kurlander
Digital Recordist, Music Editor & Additional Mix (M20): Daniel Brown
Assistant Engineer: James Ezra

Mastering by Andrew Aversa & Junichi Nakatsuru (NBGI)

"Venice Rooftops (SCV Mix)"
Composed and Produced by Jesper Kyd
Female Vocals: Melissa R Kaplan and Mari Yoshida
Guitars: Dan Sistos
Drums: Tal Bergman
Bass: Benoit Gray
Solo Violin: Hiroaki Yura

"Breeze at Dawn"
Vocals by Jillian Aversa
Composed by Cris Velasco
Co-composition by Jillian Aversa
Lyrics by Jillian Aversa


disc no.1
01. Sword of Resolution
02. Till Fate Writes My Epitaph
03. Sleepless: An Untamed Beast
04. Daybreaker
05. The Invincible Blade
06. Tread Ye the Path of Bravery
07. Where Springs Not Fail
08. Faster Than a Howling Wind
09. Let My Soul Burn
10. A High-Spirited Tiger
11. Without the Blessing of Fate
12. Master of Edges
13. Virtuous Heart
14. Sacred Dawn

disc no.2
01. Wings of Sorrow
02. Mischievous Whispers
03. Chainless Disaster
04. Wandering Seer
05. Blood Thirst Concerto
06. Amid the Pure Insanity
07. Samsara: The Wheel of Eternity
08. Brutal Instinct
09. The Storm Bringer
10. Through the Jaws of Death
11. Pavor Nocturnus
12. Adorned with Evil
13. Regalia
14. Dance of the Oracle
15. Venice Rooftops (SCV mix)

disc no.3
01. Chaos and Cosmos
02. The Frontier of History
03. The Field of Honor
04. Artificer's Fancy
05. Legend Unveiled
06. Surge of Darkness
07. Decisive Clash
08. Nightmare's Demise
09. Faith and Arrogance
10. Raid of Brute Force
11. Code Duello
12. Holy Requisition
13. Painful Fate
14. Gloomy Seduction
15. Evil Omen
16. Home is Faraway
17. A Looming Threat
18. Burgeoning Darkness
19. Lord of Terror
20. Silent Grief
21. The Brave Shall Carry On
22. The Legendary Treasures
23. Mayhem
24. Momentum
25. Returning Doom
26. The Last Wish
27. The Siblings' Destiny
28. The Breeze at Dawn


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