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-Album Details-

Title:  NieR Tribute Album -echo-
Publisher:  Square Enix Co., Ltd.
Catalog Number:  SQEX-10247
Release Date:  September 14th, 2011

-Music Credits-

Original Music Composed by MONACA

   -echo- : NieR Repose

[TRACK-02]  matryoshka
   -echo- : NieR Kain?/ 
   Salvation ~ Kain?/ Escape
   Arranged by Sen

[TRACK-03]  millstones
   -echo- : NieR Temple of Drifting Sands
   Arranged by millstones

[TRACK-04]  Ametsub
   -echo- : NieR Emil / Sacrifice
   Arranged by Ametsub

[TRACK-05]  Go-qualia
   -echo- : NieR Suite Of Nier 
   (Restructuring-Snow in Summer, The Ultimate Weapon, Ashes of Dreams)
   Arranged by Go-qualia

   -echo- : NieR Shadowlord's Castle / Roar
   Arranged by R횲VEN

[TRACK-07]  Nobu44
   -echo- : NieR The Incomplete Stone
   Arranged by Nobu44

[TRACK-08]  sasakure.UK
   -echo- : NieR Song of the Ancients / 
   Devola ~ Song of the Ancients / Popola
   Arranged by sasakure.UK

[TRACK-09]  KanouKaoru
   -echo- : NieR The Wretched Automatons
   Arranged by KanouKaoru

[TRACK-10]  Schroeder-Headz
   -echo- : NieR Grandma
   Arranged by Schroeder-Headz

[TRACK-11]  NO-NO2
   -echo- : NieR The Lost Forest
   Arranged by NO-NO2

[TRACK-12]  world's end girlfriend
   -echo- : NieR Snow in Summer ~ 
   The Dark Colossus Destroys All
   Arranged by world's end girlfriend


01. Repose
02. Kain?/ Salvation ~ Kain?/ Escape
03. Temple of Drifting Sands
04. Emil / Sacrifice
05. Suite Of Nier (Restructuring-Snow in Summer, The Ultimate Weapon, Ashes of Dreams)
06. Shadowlord's Castle / Roar
07. The Incomplete Stone
08. Song of the Ancients / Devola ~ Song of the Ancients / Popola
09. The Wretched Automatons
10. Grandma
11. The Lost Forest
12. Snow in Summer ~ The Dark Colossus Destroys All


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