Green Lantern Soundtrack archive

-Album Details-

Title: Green Lantern
Publisher: Watertower Music
Catalog Number: 
Release Date: 2011

-Music Credits-

Composed by James Newton Howard


1. Prologue~Parallax Unbound 
2. Abin Sur Attacked 
3. Carol Scolds Hal
4. Drone Dogfight 
5. Did Adam Put You Up To This? 
6. The Ring Chooses Hal
7. Genesis Of Good And Evil 
8. The Induction Process
9. Welcome To Oa 
10. We're Going To Fly Now
11. You Reek Of Fear
12. The Origin Of Parallax
13. Run
14. You Have To Be Chosen 
15. Hector's Analysis
16. Hal Battles Parallax 
17. The Corps
18. Green Lantern Oath (Featuring Ryan Reynolds) 


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