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-Album Details-

Title: The Best of melody.~Timeline~
Publisher: TOY'S FACTORY Inc.(VAP)(M)
Catalog Number: 
Release Date: 2008/10/8

-Music Credits-

Artists by melody.


1. Dreamin' Away [1st Single] 
2. Simple As That [2nd Single]
3. Over The Rainbow 
(三菱COLT CMソング)[2nd Single c/w] 
4. Crystal Love
(ALPEN CMソング)[3rd Single] 
5. Believe me
(アルバム初収録)[4th Single] 
6. So into You 
(HUDSON CMソング)[4th Single c/w] 
7. Next to You 
(ALPEN CMソング)[5th Single]
8. realize 
(TBSドラマ“ドラゴン桜”主題歌)[6th Single]
9. Take a Chance 
(NEC BIGLOBE CMソング)[6th Single c/w] 
10. see you... 
(☆Taku Takahashi(m-flo)プロデュース)[7th Single]
11. Lovin' You 
(花王RAYCIOUS CMソング)[8th Single]
12. Finding My Road 
(SUBARU FORESTER CMソング)[9th Single]
13. My Dear 
(コジマフレッシュグレー CMソング)[9th Single c/w] 
14. Love Story 
(TBSドラマ“孤独の賭け”挿入歌)[10th Single]
15. 遥花~はるか~
(TBSドラマ“だいすき!!”主題歌)[11th Single] 
16. miss you 
(m-flo . melody.&Ryohei)Bonus Track


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