Senjou no Valkyria 3 -Unrecorded Chronicles- Original Soundtrack Game archive S

-Album Details-

Title:  Senjou no Valkyria 3 -Unrecorded Chronicles- Original Soundtrack
Publisher:  Basiscape Records
Catalog Number:  BSPE-1030~1
Release Date:  February 23rd, 2011

-Music Credits-

Compose & Arrange
Hitoshi Sakimoto

Orchestra Performance
(Disc1-1, Disc2-1)

Sydney Scoring Orchestra


Disc1 (55:35)

1 Valkyria Chronicles III Main Theme
2 Fierce Battlefield
3 In Search of The Next Battle
4 Counter Offence!
5 The Looming Sound of Military Boots
6 We Are "The Nameless"
7 Daily Lives of "The Nameless"
8 Signs of Unrest
9 Swirling Conspiracy
10 Fear and Willpower
11 Advance and Retreat
12 Crow of Disaster
13 Critical Moment!
14 A Momentary Rest
15 Damn it! (3:18)
16 Are the Customers Made of Money?
17 Dark Hero
18 That is "The Nameless"
19 Connecting Hearts

Disc2 (55:38)

1 Valkyria Chronicles III Main Theme (Short ver.)
2 Riela Marceris
3 As a Squad
4 "The Nameless", Takeoff!
5 With Pride in the Heart
7 Risking Everything on this Strike
8 A Must-Win Battle
9 With You...
10 Unwavering Resolution
11 Final Decisive Battle
12 Unnamed Heroes
13 Together With a Little Luck
14 Together With A Little Fortune
15 Theme of Valkyria ~Guitar ver.~
16 Gallant Battle ~Guitar ver.~
17 Final Battle ~Guitar ver.~
18 Series Main Theme ~Guitar ver.~


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