Hellsing 吠虚 Animation archive

-Album Details-

Title: Hellsing original soundtrack 吠虚
Publisher: Geneon Entertainment
Catalog Number: PICA-1253
Release Date: Feb 21, 2003

-Music Credits-

All songs & plays: Yasushi Ishii


01 The World's Last Dawn
02 Harmony Hidden in the Leaves
03 Sky of God Master
04 Hateful Sinner
05 Soul Lifesavers
06 I.B.C.J. Surrounded
07 Gun Fight on the Hill of Casualties
08 The Hidden Reasons of the Soul Police Investigation Dept
09 Love Song Bounded by Primary Colors
10 Secret Karma Serenade
11 Bellflowers Smelling in a Poetic Manner
12 The Truth Heard afar
13 False Background
14 Retrospection and Rhythm Nation
15 The Midnight Assassin
16 A World Without Logos ~Dedicated to Malcolm X~
17 The Voice of Truth Silenced
18 Farewell Worthless World
19 More 777 than 666
20 Hemp Smokes Sting the Eyes
21 Oh, a Young Erotic Hell
22 Unexpected Event


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