Final Fantasy "The Wind Chapter" "The Fire Chapter" Soundtrack Animation archive

-Album Details-

Title: Final Fantasy "The Wind Chapter" "The Fire Chapter" Soundtrack
Publisher: Nippon Columbia
Catalog Number: COCC-11741
Release Date: May 21, 1994

-Music Credits-

Composed by Masahiko Satoh
Arranged by
Performed by Mishio Ogawa


01 Opening Theme
02 The Forerunner of a Storm
03 Starting on a Journey
04 Chocobo's Theme ~ Prettz has Come!
05 Rouge, the Airship Pirate, Appears!
06 The Spirit of the Woods
07 Linaly's Flight
08 The Temple of the Wind
09 Prettz's Onslaught
10 Theme of the Iron Wing
11 Into the Temple!
12 The Crisis of the Crystal ~ Info Deathgyunos
13 The Secret of the Crystal
14 Firefly Linaly
15 Elemental Travel (No. 1)
16 Prett'z Theme
17 Linaly's Theme
18 Valcus Appears
19 Single Combat: Prettz vs. Valcus
20 To Rouge Island ~ Valcus' Love Theme
21 The Emergence of the Crystal
22 Mid, the Ghostly Boy Appears
23 Prettz and Valcus are Captive
24 Prettz's Spectacular Fight
25 Bailout
26 Attack by Deathgyunos
27 The Destruction of Rouge Island
28 Prettz Returns Alive
29 Elemental Travel (No. 2)
30 Rouge's Theme
31 Valcus' Theme


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