Final Fantasy "The Dragon Chapter" "The Star Chapter" Soundtrack Animation archive

-Album Details-

Title: Final Fantasy "The Dragon Chapter" "The Star Chapter" Soundtrack
Publisher: Nippon Columbia
Catalog Number: COCC-11873
Release Date: Jul 21, 1994

-Music Credits-

Composed by Masahiko Satoh
Arranged by
Performed by Mishio Ogawa


01 Elemental Travel (Full Sound Version) / Mishio Ogawa
02 Opening Theme
03 Returning To Tycoon Castle
04 Queen Lenna's Prayer
05 The Secret Of Mid
06 Decision Of The Warriors
07 Rouge Changes Her Mind
08 Flight Of Iron Wing
09 The Assault Of The Combatant Ship
10 The Crystal's Lead
11 The Flying Dragon Appears
12 Rebirth Of The Guardian Deity
13 Elemental Travel / Mishio Ogawa
14 The Dead City
15 The Black Moon
16 Battle With Deathgyunos' Army
17 Linaly Is Angry
18 The Reunion With Cid
19 The Power Of The Crystal
20 Defeat Of The Dark Lord
21 Resting Of The Warriors
22 Elemental Travel / Mishio Ogawa


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