Gradius Rebirth Original Soundtrack Game archive G

-Album Details-

Title:  Gradius Rebirth Original Soundtrack
Publisher:  Konami Digital Entertainment
Catalog Number:  LC-1850
Release Date:  February 27th, 2009

-Music Credits-

Sound Director: Manabu Namiki (Basiscape)


GRADIUS ReBirth Original Soundtrack

1 The Universe of Blackness [Story Demo 1]
2 Odysseus [Story Demo 2]
3 Majesty [Select]
4 Historic Soldier [Departure Demo, Return Demo]
5 The Position Light [Dog Fight]
6 Heavy Blow [Stage 1]
7 Moonspin(Last Exit) [Stage 2]
8 The Ruin [Stage 3]
9 Something Ghostly [Stage 4]
10 Extra Stage [Extra Stage]
11 Departure Again [Stage 5]
12 Aircraft Carrier [Boss Skirmish]
13 Last Evil [Boss Battle]
14 Mirage [Game Over]
15 GRADIUS ReBirth Opening Demo [Opening Demo, Ranking, Staff Roll]

GRADIUS ReBirth Original Song Collection

16 The Universe of Blackness (MSX "Gofer no Yabou Episode II")
17 Odysseus (MSX "Salamander")
18 Majesty (Game Boy "Nemesis II")
19 Historic Soldier (MSX "Konami Game Collection Vol.3 Nemesis")
20 The Position Light (MSX "Gofer no Yabou Episode II")
21 Heavy Blow (Family Computer "Gradius II")
22 Moonspin(Last Exit) (MSX "Gradius 2")
23 The Ruin (Game Boy "Nemesis II")
24 Something Ghostly (Family Computer "Gradius II")
25 Extra Stage (MSX "Konami Game Collection Vol.3 Nemesis")
26 Departure Again (MSX "Salamander")
27 Aircraft Carrier (Arcade "Gradius II Gofer no Yabou")
28 Last Evil (Game Boy "Nemesis II")
29 Mirage (MSX "Gofer no Yabou Episode II")
30 GRADIUS Spare BGM (Arcade "Gradius")

Bonus Tracks "Another ReBirth" Medley

31 Beginning (5:06)
32 ReBirth (4:01)
33 Memoires (5:54)
34 Epitaph (5:14)


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