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-Album Details-

Title: Falcom Game Music
Publisher: G.M.O. Records / Alfa Records (distributed by Warner-Pioneer)
Catalog Number: 28XA-179 
Release Date: Nov 10, 1987

-Music Credits-

Composed by Yuzo Koshiro, Mieko Ishikawa, Takahito Abe
Arranged by Yuzo Koshiro


01 Feena (Title)
02 Fountain Of Love (Town) ~ First Step Towards Wars (Grasslands)
03 Palace Of Destruction (Temple 2) ~ Beet Of The Terror (Abandoned Mine)
04 Tower Of Shadow Of Death (Tower) ~ The Last Moment Of The Dark (Top Floor of the Tower) ~ Final Battle (The Final Boss)
05 The Morning Grow (Ending) ~ See You Again (Staff Roll)
06 Palace Of Destruction (Grade Up Version)
07 The Morning Grow (Grade Up Version)
08 Temple del sol ~ Holy Fountain ~ The Lost World ~ El Castillo
09 Opening ~ All Together Now ~ Xemn Worzen ~ Pochi ~ Lyll Worzen ~ Meyna Worzen ~ Dragon Showdown ~ Ending Theme
10 Fanfare ~ Opening ~ Romancia Kingdom
11 Ending Theme


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