Vampier [DarkStalkers]: The Night Warriors Arcade Gametrack Game archive V

-Album Details-

Title:  DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors Arcade Gametrack
Publisher:  Sony Records
Catalog Number:  SRCL-2969
Release Date:  Sep 07, 1994

-Music Credits-

Executive Producer: Akio Sakai
Produced by Capcom New Media Staff
                   Keiichi Momose (SME)
Directed by Capcom Sound Team
Music Composed by Capcom Sound Team Alph Lyla [compose - arrange - performance]

Composer info from the liner notes:
ANACHEY TAKAPON (Felicia, Sasquatch; also from Vampire Hunter: Victor, Zabel, Morrigan, Bishamon)
O.K (Gallon; also from Vampire Hunter: Aulbath, Anakaris, Phobos, Pyron, Demitri)
Toshio. KJN (SE)
T.K. NY (SE)

Engineer: Mitsuyasu Abe
Assistant Engineer: Mitsuhiro Indoh
Mastering Engineer: Machiko Suzue

Art Direction: Masumi Izosaki
Co-ordination: Miki Johno
Illustration: Capcom Design Team
CG Production: Capcom CG Staff

Voice Actor:
Nobuyuki Hiyama : Demitri, Pyron
Kae Araki : Felicia
Jyurouta Kosugi: Phobos
Yuuji Ueda : Gallon, Zabel, Aulbath
Yayoi Jinguji : Morrigan
Kan Tokumaru : Sasquatch, Bishamon, Anakaris, Victor, Narration


01 Opening~Title
02 Player Select 1
03 Player Select 2
04 VS.
05 Ranking Display
06 DEMITRI Stage (Romania)
07 DEMITRI Winning
08 DEMITRI Ending
09 GALLON Stage (England)
10 GALLON Winning
11 GALLON Ending
12 ZABEL Stage (Australia)
13 ZABEL Winning
14 ZABEL Ending
15 Midway Participation
16 VICTOR Stage (Germany)
17 VICTOR Winning
18 VICTOR Ending
19 AULBATH Stage (Brazil)
20 AULBATH Winning
21 AULBATH Ending
22 ANAKARIS Stage (Egypt)
23 ANAKARIS Winning
24 ANAKARIS Ending
25 PHOBOS Stage (Mexico)
26 PHOBOS Winning
27 Continue
28 FELICIA Stage (U.S.A.)
29 FELICIA Winning
30 FELICIA Ending
31 BISHAMON Stage (Japan)
32 BISHAMON Winning
33 BISHAMON Ending
34 MORRIGAN Stage (Scotland)
35 MORRIGAN Winning
36 MORRIGAN Ending
37 SASQUATCH Stage (Canada)
38 SASQUATCH Winning
40 PYRON Stage (Hellstorm)
41 PYRON Winning
42 Game Over
43 Staff Roll 1
44 Staff Roll 2
45 SE Collection
46 Voice Collection


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