Castlevania Lords of Shadow Soundtrack Game archive C

-Album Details-

Title:  Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Soundtrack
Publisher:  Konami
Catalog Number:  N/A
Release Date:  October 5th, 2010

-Music Credits-

Music Produced and Composed by
Oscar Araujo

Orchestration Lead
Ferran Cruxient

Claudio Ianni

Alejandro Roman
Oscar Araujo

Music Engineered and Mixed by
Mikel F. Krutzaga

Music Performed by
The Bratislawa Symphony Orchestra


1. Besieged Village
2. The Warg
3. Hunting Path
4. The Dead Bog
5. The Swamp Troll
6. The Ice Titan
7. Labyrinth Entrance
8. Waterfalls of Agharta
9. Agharta
10. Cornell
11. Maze Gardens
12. Castle Hall
13. The Evil Butcher
14. Laura's Mercy
15. Carmilla
16. The God Mask
17. Belmont's Theme
18. Final Confrontation
19. The End
20. The Last Battle


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