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-Album Details-

Title:  World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Soundtrack
Publisher:  Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Catalog Number:  N/A
Release Date:  November 13th, 2008

-Music Credits-

Composers: Russell Brower, Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford

Featured Musicians:

Pedro Eustache - Flutes and Duduk
Laurence Juber - Guitars
Cajsa Ekstav - Nychelharpa
Eric Rigler - Uilleann Pipes & Scottish Flute
Live Sessions and Orchestrations produced by Edo Guidotti
Main Title and "Arthas, My Son" recorded
by the Northwest Sinfonia Orchestra and Chorus,
contracted by Simon James & David Sabee
Sound Design - Brian David Farr

Cinematic Intro Music by: Neal Acree


01 Wrath of the Lich King
02 Dragons' Rest
03 Arthas, My Son
04 Path of Tears
05 Crystalsong
06 Dalaran
07 God Hunters
08 Forged in Blood
09 Mountains of Thunder
10 Secrets Long Forgotten
11 The Kalu'ak
12 The Eye of Eternity
13 Garden of Life
14 The Culling
15 Howling Fjord
16 Rise of the Vrykul
17 Borean Tundra
18 Totems of the Grizzlemaw
19 The Wrath Gate
20 Angrathar's Shadow
21 Assault on New Avalon


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