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-Album Details-

Title:  World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Soundtrack
Publisher:  Blizzard Entertainment
Catalog Number:  S0030445
Release Date:  Jan 16, 2007

-Music Credits-

Composers: Russell Brower, Derek Duke, Matt Uelmen

Featured Musicians:
Pedro Eustache - Duduk, Bansuri, Tunisian Midjwiz,
Shakuhachi and Flutes
John Bergamo - Hand Drums
Live Sessions and Orchestrations Produced by Edo Guidotti
"The Burning Legion" and "The Dark Portal" recorded by the Northwest
Sinfonica Orchestra and Chorus, contracted by Simon James & David Sabee

Cinematic Intro Music by: Neal Acree

Additional Music by: Brian David Farr, David Arkenstone


01 The Burning Legion [Main Title]
02 Shards of the Exodar
03 The Sin'dorei
04 The Dark Portal [Cinematic Intro]
05 Origins
06 Bloodmyst
07 Wastelands
08 Caverns of Time - The Battle of Mount Hyjal
09 Azuremyst Isle
10 Silvermoon City
11 Netherstorm
12 Caverns of Time - The Escape from Durnholde
13 Outland Suite
14 The Tower of Karazhan
15 Illidan
16 Caverns of Time - Opening of the Dark Portal
17 Hellfire
18 The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj [Exclusive Track]
19 Shadow of the Necropolis [Exclusive Track]
20 Taverns [Exclusive Track]
21 Lament of the Highborne [Exclusive Track]


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