Senjou no Valkyria Original Sound Track Game archive S

-Album Details-

Title:  Senjou no Valkyria Original Sound Track
Publisher:  Aniplex
Catalog Number:  SVWC-7550~1
Release Date:  May 21st, 2008

-Music Credits-

"No Matter the Distance..."
Vocal: JUJU
Compose: Daisuke Kawaguchi
Lyrics: JUN.T

"Succeeded Wish"
Vocal: Megumi Toyoguchi (Rosie)
Lyrics: Ohira Sato
Compose: Hitoshi Sakimoto

Compose & Arrange
Hitoshi Sakimoto (Basiscape)

Sound Engineering
Masaaki Kaneko (Basiscape)

Production Progress
Akie Sato / Miki Ito / Aiko Makino (Basiscape)

Hitoshi Sakimoto (Basiscape)
Natsumi Kameoka
Noriyuki Kamikura / Kimihiro Abe (Basiscape)

Orchestra Performance
Eminence Symphony Orchestra

Philip Chu
Sydney, Australia

Piano Performance
Ohira Sato (SEGA)


DISC 1 (1:16:00)

01. No Matter the Distance... (Game Opening ver.)
02. Main Theme
03. Beautiful Gallia
04. Desperate Fight
05. Randgrith City
06. Everyday Training
07. Street Fighting
08. Hope for Tomorrow
09. Dailiy Life of the 7th Platoon
10. The Field
11. We Are the Barracks
12. Strategy Instructions
13. Urgent Instructions
14. Hard Fight
15. Conferral of Honors
16. Europa at War
17. The Gallian War
18. Battle
19. Farewell and Tears
20. War in the Empire
21. Old Memory
22. Maximilian
23. Close Combat*
24. Valkyria's Omen
25. Resistance
26. Valkyria's Awakening
27. Difficult Battle
28. Defeat

DISC 2 (1:12:51)

01. Empty Loneliness
02. Title Main Theme
03. Chronicles of the Gallian War
04. A Moment of Relief
05. People of Darcus
06. 7th Platoon of the Volunteer Army
07. Fierce Combat
08. Randgrith Archduke's Family
09. Anxiety
10. Decisive Battle
11. Recollection of That Day
12. The Limits of the Quarrel
13. Defensive Fight
14. Composition of the Confrontation
15. The Violating Ones
16. Quiet Chat
17. Ground Battleship Marmot
18. Crisis Draws Near
19. End of the Ambitions
20. We Are the 7th Platoon
21. Final Decisive Battle
22. Conclusion
23. Succeeded Wish*
24. Those Who Succeeded
25. No Matter the Distance... (Game Ending ver.)
26. Succeeded Wish ~Piano Solo~*



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