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-Album Details-

Title:  Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves Original Soundtrack
Publisher:  Sumthing Else Music Works Inc.
Catalog Number:  SE-2075-2
Release Date:  February 9th, 2010

-Music Credits-

Original Score composed by Greg Edmonson

Woodwind solos by Chris Bleth
Erhu solos by Karen Han
Percussion performed by Brad Dutz and Brian Kilgore

"The Road to Shambhala"
Written, performed and produced by Carmen Rizzo

Arranging and orchestration by Alan Steinberger
Additional orchestration by J. Eric Schmidt
Score performed by the Skywalker Session Orchestra
Orchestra conducted by J. Eric Schmidt


1. Nate's Theme 2.0
2. The City's Secret
3. Bustin' Chops
4. Reunion
5. Breaking and Entering
6. Desperate Times
7. Helicopter and Tank
8. Marco Polo
9. The Monastery
10. Refuge
11. Warzone
12. Train Wrecked
13. Cat and Mouse
14. Cornered
15. The Gates of Shambhala
16. Broken Paradise
17. Brutal Combo Mambo
18. Among Thieves
19. A Rock and a Hard Place
20. Carmen Rizzo - The Road to Shambhala
21. Take That!
22. Tunnel Vision
23. The Heist


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