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-Album Details-

Title:  Tales of Vesperia Original Soundtrack
Publisher:  Warner Music Japan Inc.
Catalog Number:  WPCL-10491/4
Release Date:  August 20th, 2008

-Music Credits-

Composed by NAMCO TALES STUDIO LTD. (Motoi Sakuraba, Hibiki Aoyama)

excluding : BONNIE PINK [Disc2:25 Disc4:13,18,23]
NBGI [Disc3:29-31]

Arranged by NAMCO TALES STUDIO LTD. [Disc2:25 Disc4:13,18,23]


Disc1 (1:11:20)

1. The Dawn of Departure
2. Trends of the World
3. The Story Begins
4. Omen
5. Unfulfilled Wish
6. Time of Elegance
7. The Daily Routine of a Selfish Young Man
8. Unsuspected Danger
9. Furnace of War
10. Victory Cry
11. Loyal to the Sword and Armor
12. Exposed Plot
13. The Situation Grows Serious
14. Madness
15. Distorted Sword Light
16. An Unwelcome State of Affairs
17. Serenade of the Morning Star
18. Comfortable Journey
19. Impenetrable Wall
20. Embers of Chaos
21. A Stirring Taboo
22. A Bet on This Bout
23. An Evening Requiem
24. Pleasant Intrigue
25. The Miracle of the Flower Road
26. About a Flower
27. Mages of the Shadow's Depths
28. The Young Sorceress' Foul Mood
29. Thousand Year Slumber of the Blastia
30. Crossing the Small Hills
31. Around the World

Disc2 (1:08:37)

1. Full of Unrest
2. The Link
3. The Sound of Waves Dancing in the Soul
4. Rain-Soaked Ruins
5. Evolution and Harmony of the Beautiful
6. A Vow of Unity
7. In the Deep and Peaceful Brush
8. Break Through! Gasphalost
9. The Might of the Gigantic Fortress
10. The Cold Morning Star Passes By
11. Burning Fighting Spirit
12. Absolute Victory!
13. The Villian's Conspiracy and the Mechanical Tower
14. Braving the Great Ocean
15. Gentle Sunlight
16. Nightmare Reflected in the Mirror
17. Under the Flag of the Knights
18. Evil Lurking in the Cave
19. The Tormenting Whisper of Water
20. Golden Sand Arabesque
21. The Night the Cactus Flower Blooms
22. A Formidable Foe Stands in the Way
23. On the Other Side of the Mirage
24. Duke
25. The Full Moon and the Morning Star ~ from "Ring a Bell"
26. The Wise One
27. A Tragic Decision
28. An Immoral Feast

Disc3 (1:04:25)

1. The Tumultuous Mountain
2. Judith, A Portrait of Solitude
3. Soaring Over Day and Night
4. Brilliant Life, Rising Light
5. The Ancients Float in the Sky
6. Echo of Empty Bygone Days
7. The Pursued Holy Core
8. The Countless Ages
9. Ocean Pursuit
10. Chance for a Big Reversal
11. An Approaching Menace
12. Moments Before the Main Battery Fires
13. Brooding Omen
14. Beyond the Devastating Aer
15. Estelle's Despair
16. Diamond Dust
17. Deinnomoth
18. The Truth Hidden in the Shadows of the World
19. Cry of the Heart
20. Source of the Seething Silence
21. The Cold Morning Star and the Child of the Full Moon
22. The World Stolen by a Finger
23. Cutting Off the Dark Ambitions
24. Seal of Destruction
25. Loss
26. Slumping Yuri
27. A Welcome Bath
28. Play Time
29. Playing With the Wind ~ from "Kaze no Klonoa"
30. Fight, Our Beraboh Man ~ from "Chouzetsu Rinjin Beraboh Man"
31. Shadows Running Underground ~ from "Metro Cross"
32. Can We Do It?
33. Fly, Baul
34. Serious Match!
35. Labyrinth of a Faded Past
36. Encounter With the Unknown

Disc4 (1:02:38)

1. The Saviors' Determination
2. Tenacity
3. Forest Where Mystery Rains Down
4. Undying Resolve
5. Wind Roaring in the Ravine
6. In Pitiful Silence
7. Start Up
8. The Vulnerable
9. Echoing Breath
10. Fury Sparks
11. Moment of Ruin That Shakes the Heavens
12. Aim for the Top
13. Unrequited Feelings ~ from "Ring a Bell"
14. Hidden Power of the Ancient Tower City
15. When Determination Strikes
16. The Final Showdown
17. A Once-in-a-Lifetime Duel
18. Resolution of the People ~ from "Ring a Bell"
19. Answering the Call
20. Swaying Heart
21. Unite the Power of the Echoing Voices
22. Soaring to a New World
23. The Story Ends and the Journey Begins ~ from "Ring a Bell"


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