Smash Brothers DX Orchestra Game archive S

-Album Details-

Title:  Smash Brothers DX Orchestra
Publisher:  enterbrain
Catalog Number:  N/A
Release Date:  October 21st, 2002

-Music Credits-

Audience Recording: 2002 8 27 Tokyo Festival Hall
Conducted by: Taizo Takemoto
Performed by: New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra


01. Planet Corneria
    From Super Famicom "StarFox"
02. Jungle Garden
    From Super Famicom "Super Donkey Kong"
03. Hyrule Temple ~ Great Bay
    From Family Computer "Legend of Zelda"
04. Dr. Mario
    From Family Computer "Dr. Mario"
05. Original Medley
    From Gamecube "Super Smash Brothers DX"
     1. All-Star Intro
     2. Trophy
     3. How to Play
     4. Final Destination 
     5. Menu
     6. Ending
06. Fountain of Dreams
    From Family Computer "Kirby Super Star"
07. Pokemon Medley
    From Gameboy "Pokemon" series and others
     1. Pokemon Floats
     2. Pokemon Gym
     3. Pokemon Gym Gold Silver
08. Opening
    From Gamecube "Super Smash Brothers DX"
09. Planet Venom
    From Nintendo 64 "StarFox 64"
10. Yoshi's Story
    From Nintendo 64 "Yoshi's Story"
11. Brinstar Depths ~ Brinstar
    From Family Computer "Metroid"
12. Smash Brothers Grand Medley
    From Family Computer "Super Mario Brothers" series and others
     1. Ancient Kingdom I
     2. Ancient Kingdom II
     3. Flat Zone
     4. Balloon Fight
     5. Big Blue
     6. Mach Rider
     7. Yoshi's Island
     8. Saria's Theme
     9. Super Mario 3
    10. Icicle Mountain
    11. Peaches Castle
13. Fire Emblem
    From Family Computer "Fire Emblem"
14. Green Greens
    From Gameboy "Hoshi no Kirby"
15. Rainbow Cruise
    From Nintendo 64 "Super Mario 64"


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