Shining Force Resurrection of the Dark Dragon ORIGINAL SOUND TRACKS Game archive S

-Album Details-

Title:  SHINING FORCE Resurrection of the Dark Dragon ORIGINAL SOUND TRACKS
Catalog Number:  SCDC-00365
Release Date:  August 18th, 2004

-Music Credits-

Music by   Naofumi Tsuruyama
Takuya Hanaoka

Arranged by   Salamander Factory


Track 1  Resurrection of the Dark Dragon
Track 2  The Girl in the Sunbeams Streaming Through the Trees
Track 3  Cheerful Street Corner
Track 4  Solemn Guardiana
Track 5  Headquarters' Theme
Track 6  Shining Force
Track 7  With Our Power
Track 8  Oh Light! Attack the Enemy!
Track 9  Level Up!!
Track 10 Grievous Guardiana
Track 11 Crusade
Track 12 Worthy Rival
Track 13 After the Battle......
Track 14 Raise the Flag High
Track 15 Goddess of Light
Track 16 The Battle Becomes Fierce
Track 17 When the Light Goes Out
Track 18 Despair
Track 19 A Short Rest
Track 20 Devil's Breath
Track 21 That Which Is Held in the Hand
Track 22 Distant Skies Journey
Track 23 Jingle ~ Comrade
Track 24 Jingle ~ Overcoming Sadness
Track 25 Jingle ~ Dreadful Curse
Track 26 Jingle ~ Job Change - A New Start
Track 27 Jingle ~ Item Get!!
Track 28 Jingle ~ Save
Track 29 Jingle ~ Resurrection of the Soul
Track 30 Jingle ~ Severe Earthquake
Track 31 Armageddon
Track 32 And then......
Track 33 Main Theme ~ Traveler from Distant Times


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