Rockman Battle & Chase Game archive R

-Album Details-

Title:  Rockman Battle & Chase
Publisher:  Victor Entertainment
Catalog Number:  VICL-60065~6
Release Date:  June 21st, 1997

-Music Credits-

Composer: Yoshinori Ono "CIPHER"

Yoshino Aoki
Ryoji Yamamoto


Disc-1 (51:44)

1. ROCKMAN BATTLE&CHASE (Over The Top) ~Opening DEMO~
2. Ready for Break ~Introducing Racer DEMO~
3. Over The Top ~Theme of ROCKMAN~
4. Sunshine Girl ~Theme of ROLL~
5. KICK ABOUT ~Theme of BLUES~
6. Go for it! ~Theme of FORTE~
7. He Takes the Stage ~Theme of GUTSMAN~
8. Through the AIR ~Theme of QUICKMAN~
9. snow - rainbow ~Theme of ICEMAN~
10. Dark the MOON ~Theme of SHADOWMAN~
12. Speed - Star ~Theme of SPRINGMAN~
13. I am world king!! ~Theme of Dr.WILY~
14. Courageous Heart ~Theme of DUO~
15. Over The Top (Ballad version) ~ROCKMAN Ending~
16. Sunshine Girl (Ending version) ~ROLL Ending~
17. KICK ABOUT (Jazz version) ~BLUES Ending~
18. Go for it! (Ballad version) ~FORTE Ending~
19. He Takes the Stage (Guitar Instrumental) ~GUTSMAN Ending~
20. Through the AIR (Orchestra version) ~OUICKMAN Ending~
21. Love Love ROLL ! ~ICEMAN Ending~
22. moon light ~SHADOWMAN Ending~
24. SPEED - STAR (Cheerful version) ~SPRINGMAN Ending~
25. Wind, Carry My Words (Game version) ~ROLL Special Ending~
26. Ahh, a Man's Life (Game version) ~GUTSMAN Special Ending~

Disc-2 (1:04:45)

1. ROCKMAN BATTLE&CHASE (Over The Top) ~Title Demo~
2. the straight out (PS original sound) ~Character Select~
3. soon... (PS original sound) ~Introducing Course DEMO~
4. Here goes! (PS original sound) ~Setting Machine DEMO~
5. Hold Out (PS original sound) ~Getting Parts DEMO~
6. SHADOW (PS original sound) ~OPTION DEMO~
7. CHASERS ~Future CITY Course~
8. dancing the eyes ~Mountain Course~
9. ESCAPE ~Cavern Course~
10. Are you gloomy? ~Toy's Factory Course~
11. dUEL ~WILY's Base Course~
12. secret party ~Space Course~
13. dimension shift ~Sky Course~
14. standing over there ~Ordnance Factory Course~
15. DUO HERE ~Secret Production~
16. Here Comes The New Challenger ~!?~
17. Black Star ~ Secret Production~
18. Over The Top (Piano Solo version) ~Staff Roll DEMO 1~
19. Over The Top (dance Mix version) ~Staff Roll DEMO 2~
20. Wind, Carry My Words...(original MIX)
21. Ahh, a Man's Life...(original MIX)
22. Wind, Carry My Words...(instrumental MIX)
23. Ahh, a Man's Life...(instrumental MIX)

Bonus Track

24. Bonus Track


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