RADIRGY NOAH original soundtrack -GOOD BYE- Game archive R

-Album Details-

Title:  RADIRGY NOAH original soundtrack -GOOD BYE-
Publisher:  SuperSweep co.,ltd.
Catalog Number:  SRIN-1059
Release Date:  September 2nd, 2009

-Music Credits-

All Music Direction & Composed by
"k.h.d.n." as Kou Hayashi/Daisuke Nagata


01 Good-bye
02 Pandora
03 Psychopath
04 Talk To The Wind
05 The method of setting the password.
06 Tokyo Eight Spots
07 The Ordinary People [shaped]
08 I'm boring
09 Phil Case
10 5 Questions
11 Blue Flower
12 Keep Quipu
13 The Setting Sun
14 Humanlost Funk
15 The Tongue Of The Woman
16 Liver Dysfunction.
17 Stack


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