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-Album Details-

Title:  Karous Original Soundtrack -Spring Rain-
Publisher:  SuperSweep co.,ltd.
Catalog Number:  SRCD-1001
Release Date:  August 15th, 2007

-Music Credits-

All Music Direction & Composed by
"k.h.d.n." as Kou Hayashi / Daisuke Nagata
(Milestone Inc. Sound Division)
Track-01,04,06,07,09,10,14 : Daisuke Nagata
Track-02,03,05,08,11,12,13 : Kou Hayashi

Remixed by
SuperSweep co.,ltd.
Track-15,21 : Shinji Hosoe
Track-16,18 : Ayako Saso
Track-17,19 : Yousuke Yasui
Track-20    : Takanori Sato


original version

01_ sky was blue, sky was blue... (Advertise Demo)
02_ honeys and blue (Mode Select)
03_ Atheistic Love (Tutorial)
04_ 1000 clouds (Stage1)
05_ one thing reality (Stage2)
06_ you can't fxxk me (Stage3)
07_ the extraordinary people (Boss)
08_ Electric Chair (Stage4)
09_ death from above 4098 (Stage5)
10_ hey little girl, go home soon (Last Boss)
11_ Sex pervert of a silence (True Boss)
12_ honeys and blue -dub- (Easy End)
13_ Lily in desert (Staff Roll)
14_ the clean rooms (Name Entry)

remix version

15_ 1000 clouds -solid mix-
16_ one thing reality -switched-on mix-
17_ you can't fxxk me -rush act-
18_ Electric Chair -Terminal Hardcore mix-
19_ death from above 4098 -artillery mix-
20_ the extraordinary people -break down mix-
21_ Sex pervert of a silence -near heck-


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