Jumping Flash! 2 Original Game Soundtrack Game archive J

-Album Details-

Title:  JumpingFlash! 2 Original Game Soundtrack
Publisher:  Antinos Records Inc.
Catalog Number:  ARCJ-36
Release Date:  May 2nd, 1996

-Music Credits-

All Songs Composed & Arranged by Takeo Miratsu


 1 JF2-END Rap-la-MuuMuu (Techno Mix)
 2 JF1-W1 Jump In the Grasslands!
 3 JF1-W2 Checking Out the Ruins
 4 JF1-W3 Hello Amusement Park
 5 JF1-W4 Slippery Ice Floe
 6 JF1-W5 Chinatown
 7 JF1-W6 Distant Cosmos
 8 JF1-W1 Boss Dragon Machine
 9 JF1-W2 Boss Scorpion Machine
10 JF1-W3 Boss Genie Machine
11 JF1-W4 Boss Turtle Machine
12 JF1-W5 Boss Transformer Cube Machine
13 JF1-W6 Boss Aloha Robo
14 JF-SELECT Which One To Do?
15 JF2-W1 Jump In Hawaii!
16 JF2-W2 Checking Out the Castle
17 JF2-W3 My Babel
18 JF2-W4 Aloha's Secret Base
19 JF2-W5 Hello Again Amusement Park
20 JF2-W6 Captain House
21 JF1-END Thank Goodness
22 JF2-END Rap-la-MuuMuu


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