Halo 2 original soundtrack volume two Game archive H

-Album Details-

Title:  HALO 2 original soundtrack volume two
Publisher:  Sumthing Else Records
Catalog Number:  SE-2018-2
Release Date:  April 25th, 2006

-Music Credits-

Music written and composed by Martin O'Donnell (ASCAP) and Michael Salvatori (ASCAP)
Performances by: Martin O'Donnell - Michael Salvatori
Concert Master/Contractor: Simon James - Northwest Sinfonia
Conductor: Christian Knapp - Steve Vai appears courtesy of Epic Records
Additional Orchestration: Stan LePard - Additional Guitar: Tom Kroll
Choir Conductor: Marcie O'Donnell - Don Murphy
Vocal Samples courtesy of Spectrasonics "Symphony of Voices"


 1. Prologue
     I. Rising
    II. Cloistered Expectancy
   III. Weight of Failure
 2. Cairo Suite
     I. Cold Blue Light
    II. Waking Spartan
   III. Jeweled Hull
    IV. Chill Exposure
 3. Mombasa Suite
     I. Metropole
    II. Broken Gates
   III. Encounter
 4. Unyielding
 5. Mausoleum Suite
     I. Destroyer's Invocation
    II. Falling Up
   III. Infected
    IV. Shudder
 6. Unforgotten
 7. Delta Halo Suite
     I. Penance
    II. Wage
   III. Leonidas
    IV. Dust and Bones
 8. Sacred Icon Suite
     I. Cortege
    II. Opening Volley
   III. Veins of Stone
 9. Reclaimer
     Featuring Guitar Performance by Steve Vai
10. High Charity Suite
     I. Rue and Woe
    II. Respite
   III. Antediluvia
    IV. Pursuit of Truth
11. Finale
     I. Great Journey
    II. Thermopylae Soon
12. Epilogue
     I. Beholden
    II. Road to Voi
   III. Subsume


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