Guilty Gear Series Best Sound Collection Game archive G

-Album Details-

Title:  Guilty Gear Series Best Sound Collection
Publisher:  Sten och Flod
Catalog Number:  STF-0011
Release Date:  January 21st, 2003

-Music Credits-

Daisuke Ishiwatari

Yasuharu Takanashi (Tracks 1-4)
Kazuhiko Tomizuka (Tracks 5-10)
Koh-ichi Seiyama (Tracks 11-23)


01. Conclusion (GG)
02. A Fixed Idea (GG)
03. The March of the Wicked King (GG)
04. Suspicious Cook (GG)
05. The Original (GGX Naomi)
06. A Solitude That Asks Nothing In Return (GGX Naomi)
07. Momentary Life (GGX Naomi)
08. Burly Heart (GGX Naomi)
09. Fatal Duel (GGX Naomi)
10. Still in the Dark (GGX Naomi)
11. No Mercy (GGX DC)
12. Suck a Sage (GGX DC)
13. Blue Water Blue Sky (GGX DC)
14. Babel Nose (GGX DC)
15. Fuuga (GGX DC)
16. Feel a Fear (GGX DC)
17. Pride and Glory (GGX Plus)
18. Meet Again (GGX Plus)
19. Keep Yourself Alive 2 / Remix
20. Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead) / Remix
21. Liquor Bar & Drunkard / Remix
22. Writhe in Pain / Remix
23. Awe of She / Remix


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