Gaia Crusaders Original Sound Track Game archive G

-Album Details-

Title:  Gaia Crusaders Original Sound Track
Publisher:  Noise Factory
Catalog Number:  N/A
Release Date:  June 29th, 2006

-Music Credits-

All Sounds Composed by Toshikazu Tanaka (STUDIO AQUA)


01 Gaia Crusaders Title (Title Demo)
02 Opening Demo (Opening Demo)
03 The Selected Fighters (Player Select)
04 A Wish Of A Hermit (Hermit Stage Start Demo)
05 Map (Map Screen)
06 Asian Mix (Area 1)
07 Cemetery Of Fear (Area 2)
08 Formidable Enemy In China (Bonus Stage Type 1)
09 The Techno Place (Area 3)
10 Chinese Magic (Area 4)
11 Fear Of A Huge Monster (Bonus Stage Type 2)
12 A Hermit's Secret (Hermit Mid-Way Demo)
13 The Town Of Ruins (Area 5)
14 The Mystery In Sand (Area 6)
15 The End Of Anger (Bonus Stage Type 3)
16 Intenser (Area 7)
17 False Figure (Last Boss Battle - Before Transformation)
18 True Character (Last Boss Battle - After Transformation)
19 Sense Of Accomplishment (Ending & Staff Roll)
20 Stage Clear (Stage Clear)
21 Game Over (Game Over)


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