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Title:  Final Fantasy IX Piano Collections
Composer:  Nobuo Uematsu
Arrangement:  Shiro Hamaguchi
Performance:  Louis Leerink
Catalog #:  SSCX-10048
Release Date:  January 24th, 2001


01. Eternal Harvest
02. Secret Library Daguerreo
03. The Place I'll Return To Someday
04. Vamo' alla flamenco
05. Frontier Village Dali
06. Bran Bal, The Village Without Souls
07. Passing Sorrow
08. You're Not Alone!
09. Two Hearts Not Captured ~ Beyond That Door
10. Rose Of May
11. Sleepless City Treno
12. Unfathomed Reminiscence
13. Final Battle
14. Melodies Of Life


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