BlazBlue -Calamity Trigger- Limited Edition Soundtrack Game archive B

-Album Details-

Title:  BlazBlue -Calamity Trigger- Limited Edition Soundtrack
Publisher:  Aksys Games
Catalog Number:  N/A
Release Date:  June 30th, 2009

-Music Credits-

Composed by Daisuke Ishiwatari
Arranged by Yoshihiro Kusano
Performed by Yoshihiro Kusano, Junya Motomura
Remix by DJ Oh-No


Disc 1 (47:04)

01 Calamitytrigger (Arcade Opening)
02 nocturne (Title)
03 Blue beating (Character Select)
04 VS
05 Challenger
06 Bright (Console Credits 1)
07 Rimelight (Story Mode BGM)
08 The road to hope. (Staff Roll A)
09 Limited Again (Staff Roll B)
10 Continue
11 Game over
12 Winner
13 Glow-Up (Psych-Up Music)
14 Impulse (Astral Heat Music)
15 Rebellion (Ragna the Bloodedge)
16 Imperial Code (Jin VS Noel / Librarium's Theme)
17 Weak Executioner (Litchi VS Arakune)
18 White Requiem (Rachel VS Ragna)
19 Under Heaven Destruction (Ragna VS Jin)
20 Lust SIN (Jin Kisaragi)

Disc 2 (1:06:41)

01 Bullet Dance (Noel Vermillion)
02 Queen of rose (Rachel Alucard)
03 Catus Carnival (Taokaka)
04 MOTOR HEAD (Iron Tager)
05 Oriental Flower (Litchi Faye-Ling)
06 Thin RED Line (Arakune)
07 Gale (Bang Shishigami)
08 Marionette Purple (Carl Clover)
09 SUSANOOH (Hakumen)
10 Awakening The Chaos (v -13-)
11 Black Onslaught (Unlimited Ragna)
12 Blood Pain (Same Character)
13 Open The Gate (v -13- Demo)
14 Altar (Store Mode BGM)
15 Highlander (Story Mode BGM)
16 Curse (Story Mode BGM)

Bonus Tracks

17 Calamitytrigger (DJ Oh-No Remix)
18 Bullet Dance (DJ Oh-No Remix Part 1)
19 "Drive" Trailer BGM
20 Bullet Dance (DJ Oh-No Remix Part 2)
21 Thin RED Line (DJ Oh-No Remix Part 1)
22 Thin RED Line (DJ Oh-No Remix Part 2)


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