BATEN KAITOS II The First Wings and the Heirs of God Original Soundtrack Game archive B

-Album Details-

Title:  BATEN KAITOS II The First Wings and the Heirs of God Original Soundtrack
Publisher:  Team Entertainment Inc.
Catalog Number:  KDSD-00096~98
Release Date:  March 24th, 2006

-Music Credits-

All Composed & Arrangement   Motoi Sakuraba


DISC 1 (59:00)

 1 Le ali del principio
 2 Fragments of the Millennium
 3 The Voice of Time
 4 The valedictory elegy
 5 Poacher
 6 Chaotic dance 2
 7 Iconoclasm
 8 The valedictory elegy ~guitar ver.~
 9 Evidential material
10 The true mirror ~Orchestral ver.~
11 Ruinous commander
12 Crystal abyss
13 Relieve
14 The Puppet Master
15 Two Coffins
16 A Knight's Grave
17 Ruins
18 Three-Man Talk with a Hidden Soul
19 Ancient Hometown
20 The Boundary Between the Wind and the Earth
21 An Encounter

DISC 2 (1:02:25)

 1 The Great Pillar Laden with Moss
 2 The Thorny Dry Blade
 3 The Light and Darkness of Balance
 4 Deep Red Pastures
 5 Endless Night
 6 The broken manas and my one and only
 7 Contradiction
 8 The Garden of Violent Clouds
 9 Raincloud
10 The edging away
11 Menacing Lord
12 Rays of the Rising Sun Flowing Through
13 A Boundless Autumn Evening Breeze
14 Village of Abundance
15 Emotional blackmail
16 Horohoro Bird
17 The Hall of All Creation
18 Ancient slaughter
19 The Power of a Pure Heart and the Path to the Distant Future
20 Somaimaretsa
21 Shinmunafosun

DISC 3 (1:01:21)

 1 Legendary Doll
 2 Floating Pebbles
 3 Blue Sky Canopy
 4 Powerful Voice of an Old Soul
 5 Terrible technology
 6 Rain on a Moonlit Night
 7 Into the spiral tention
 8 Shogyo-Mujo
 9 The dead end creatures
10 Tears of compassion
11 A road to the dignified future
12 The Peaceful Four Seasons I
13 The Peaceful Four Seasons II
14 The Peaceful Four Seasons III
15 Bitter Enemies in the Same Boat
16 The Horizon of a Mirage
17 The Shadow of the Moon on the Water
18 Protecting the Twin Lights
19 The Beginning of the Unjust Journey and the Prelude to Betrayal


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