Atelier Marie ~Alchemist in Salburg~ Original Soundtrack Game archive A

-Album Details-

Title:  Atelier Marie ~Alchemist in Salburg~ Original Soundtrack
Catalog Number:  KDSD-10003,4
Release Date:  September 23rd, 2004

-Music Credits-

Composer   Toshiharu Yamanishi
  Daisuke Achiwa (GUST)
  Akira Tsuchiya (GUST)

DISC1-24   Composer : J.S. Bach
  Arranger : Toshiharu Yamanishi
DISC2-16   Composer : J. Pachelbel
  Arranger : Daisuke Achiwa
DISC2-36   Composer/Arranger : Akira Tsuchiya


 1. Enderk Talks At Length [Unknown]
 2. A Once-Beloved Picture Book
 3. I'm Working Right Now!
 4. Let's Take a Walk with the Sun!
 5. Snow and Memories
 6. One Clear Holiday
 7. There's a Carnival in Town
 8. A Long Time Ago
 9. Schia's Desire
10. Enderk the Blue Wolf
11. Sleeping Blood
12. The Glasses are Laughing
13. The Wind and the Boy
14. The Day for Drawing the Sky
15. Together With the Earth
16. My Name Is Schwabel
17. Wanting to be an Adventurer
18. Legend of the Watermelon Bikini
19. I Know
20. The Bartender's Song
21. With Peace and Smiles
22. About Those Nagging Strange Habits
23. Academy Preparation
24. Etude nr.2 opus7 J.S.B.
25. Always in the Forest
26. Circles in the Water
27. The Light of Time
28. Chrysalis Magic
29. An Adventurer's Song
30. The Elder's Beard
31. Going to See a Rainbow
32. Can You Hear the War Cry!
33. Ancient Footsteps
34. Mask of Steel
35. Hill of Beginnings

 1. The Fairies Dance a Waltz in the Forest
 2. Can You Hear It?
 3. The Phantom Thief Der Himmel Pays a Visit!!
 4. A Single Promise
 5. A Day Without Cheer
 6. Celebration March
 7. Ancient Inheritance
 8. Nest
 9. Vestiges
10. A Momentary Sparkle
11. Star Wind
12. Those Who Return
13. A Bee Hive and a Puzzle
14. Marie's Vow
15. Alchemist of Salburg
16. Pachelbel's Canon
17. The Me of Tomorrow
18. The Eve of Graduation
19. Just Smiling Is Fine
20. The Scarlet Seal
21. Pay No Mind To Those Girls
22. Morning of Beginnings
23. Mischievous Mouse Pop'n Chuck
24. Awakening Samba
25. Mr. Bear From That Day
26. I Better Hurry!
27. Epic Battle of the Squishy Hammers
28. I'm Busy Now!!
29. You Did It! Congratulations
30. Too Bad! Try Again
31. Bonus (Falcata)
32. Bonus (Mail Planner)
33. Bonus (Preview?!)

~Bonus Track~
34. Extra session #1 [Atelier Marie]
35. Extra session #2 [Atelier Marie plus#1]
36. Extra session #3 [Atelier Marie plus#2]


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