Arc Rise Fantasia Original Soundtrack Game archive A

-Album Details-

Title:  Arc Rise Fantasia Original Soundtrack
Publisher:  Team Entertainment Inc.
Catalog Number:  KDSD-00344~6
Release Date:  March 3rd, 2010

-Music Credits-

Music Composed & Arranged by:
Yasunori Mitsuda
Shunsuke Tsuchiya
Yuki Harada

Imaginal Song
Vocal: Yui Makino
Lyrics & Music: Yasunori Mitsuda

Light of Purification
Vocal: Yui Makino
Lyrics & Music: Yasunori Mitsuda

Song of Ruin
Vocal: Emiri Kato
Lyrics & Music: Yasunori Mitsuda

Ryfia's Wish
Vocal: Yui Makino
Lyrics & Music: Yasunori Mitsuda

Real Song
Vocal: Emiri Kato
Lyrics & Music: Yasunori Mitsuda

Heaven's Tears
Vocal: Yui Makino
Lyrics & Music: Yasunori Mitsuda

The Angel's Ladder ~crepuscular rays~
Vocal: Yui Makino
Lyrics & Music: Yui Makino
Arranger: Tsuneyoshi Saito


Disc 1 (54:00)

01 Luminous Rain
02 Meridian 2nd Hikoutei Squad
03 The Diseased Dragons
04 Imaginal Song
05 A Signpost in the Shade
06 Furiously
07 The Fruits of Battle
08 A Vast Land
09 The Imperial Northernlands, Topazion
10 Peace and Everyday Life
11 A Brief Respite
12 Moving Forward
13 An Unexpected Battle
14 A Dark Omen
15 An Imminent Threat
16 Purity
17 The Imperial City of Diamant
18 Carelessly
19 With Friends, Smiles and Joy
20 Copin's Village
21 Taking the Road Through the Wilderness
22 Doubt
23 Baring the Fangs of Battle

Disc 2 (57:59)

01 A Quiet Gathering
02 The Temple City, Anthrax
03 The Darkness Spreading Underground
04 Decisive Battle
05 Exposed to Power
06 A Decision Amidst Sorrow
07 Those Holding On to a Small Hope
08 Fulheim
09 The Town of Freedom, Carbunculus
10 Getting Rich Quick, The Dream Casino
11 Copin Fanfare
12 Copin Race
13 Victory!
14 Defeat!
15 The Witch Army ~Luminous Arc Medley~
16 The Holy City, Benetnasch
17 Memories
18 The Voice of a Vanishing Life
19 A Street of Sand and Wind
20 Luminous Cathedral
21 Before the Mighty One
22 Light of Purification
23 Galois Ravine
24 A Grand Existence

Disc 3 (1:02:49)

01 A Chance Meeting with the Rogress
02 Compensation
03 A Great Legacy
04 Seeking the Rogress
05 Hero, Rise to Battle
06 Showdown! Those Changing Their Will
07 Song of Ruin
08 At the End of Despair
09 Snow Falling on Opalus
10 The Scorching Village, Ferris
11 Those Who Chase After the Mission
12 The Fighting Spirit Burns
13 Ryfia's Wish
14 Lascarde Skywalk
15 Real Song
16 Chasing a Sworn Enemy
17 Heaven's Tears
18 Sacred Hymn
19 That Which Waits at the End
20 Now is the Time of Conclusion
21 The Prayer of Noire
22 In Order to Understand My Fate
23 The Angel's Ladder ~crepuscular rays~
24 Awakening, To a World Protected


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