Apidya soundtrack Game archive A

-Album Details-

Title:  Apidya soundtrack
Publisher:  A.U.D.I.O.S Entertainment 
Catalog Number:  ACD4
Release Date:  1992

-Music Credits-

All tracks composed and arranged by
Chris Hülsbeck


Track 5 arranged by Pseudo D.
Track 6 arranged by Rudolf Stember
Track 9 composed by Chris Hülsbeck & Pseudo D.,
lyrics by Mikey J. Romeo & Preshuz.

Track 10 composed by Pseudo D., lyrics by E.Velez
Track 11,12 composed & arranged by Pseudo D.
Track 13 composed & arranged by Ramiro Vaca
Track 14 composed & arranged by Rudolf Stember


The Apidya Score:

 1. INTRODUCTION:      Apidya Theme
 2. LEVEL 1:                  War At Meadow's Edge
 3. LEVEL 2:                  The Pond
 4. LEVEL 3:                  Sewer's Blast
 5. LEVEL 4:                  Techno Party (Ultraworld Mix)
 6. LEVEL 5:                  Boss Panic
 7. CREDITS:                 Credits (Credits Mix)
 8. HISCORE:                Game Over

Special Bonus Tracks:

 9. DEVOTION:              Crazy Lover
10. POINT ONE:            Trip Like That (The Nite The Girls Freaked Out)
11. OVERDUB:               Freedom is Indivisible (Global Cut)
12. 3RD DIMENSION:    Breakout (Kryptonite Mix)
13. MERLAND:               Theme From Merland

Excerpt from 'Das Schwarze Auge':

14. DAS SCHWARZE AUGE:  Blade Of Fate


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