Advance Guardian Heroes Original Sound Tracks Game archive A

-Album Details-

Title:  Advance Guardian Heroes Original Sound Tracks
Catalog Number:  SCDC-00371
Release Date:  September 23rd, 2004

-Music Credits-

Composed, Arranged by (except Track15)  NON (Treasure,
Track34 Arranged by SHINJI HOSOE (Super Sweep co.,ltd.)


01. Crest (Expectation on Their Backs, Courage in Their Hearts)
02. Fate (Once Upon a Time, At That Place...)
03. Treason (Confrontation Under the Setting Sun)
04. Saint (Majestic)
05. Soaring (Legend of the Guardian Heroes)
06. Premonition (Let's Begin!)
07. Mission - Light (Hope For Tomorrow)
08. Heat (Scorching Samba)
09. Hellfire (Imminent Fear)
10. Closed Space (Prudently and Boldy)
11. Thorny Path (Wall of Trial)
12. Conclusion (Clear!)
13. High Speed (From One Place to the Next Without Stopping)
14. Hurricane (Dylan Appears, Night Dew Trial)
15. Worthy Rival (The Hero's Here!) *Original Title: "Rough and Lady"
16. Darkness (Ambition and Conspiracy)
17. Military Soul (Steel and Elder Brother)
18. Empire Soul (Iron Wall March)
19. Chaos (Kanon Howling)
20. Wind (Run Gallantly!)
21. Star Performer (Run Towards the Setting Sun!)
22. Reverse - Star Performer (Shadows Growing Longer in the Setting Sun)
23. Celestial World (Inorganic Paradise)
24. Sand Flow (Underground Pleasure Garden)
25. Trap (Welcome to Hell)
26. New - Hell Fire (Imminent Pressure)
27. Slump (Master Zur Hachamecha's Big Struggle)
28. Mission - Shadow (Tomorrow Is Despair)
29. Ceiling God (Judgement Received)
30. Heavy Burden (Super Pressure)
31. Return (Many Thanks)
32. Delight (Launch Soul)
33. Recollection (...And That's How the Story Goes)
34. Advance Guardian Heroes Arrange Version

*Track15 : From SS Version "GH", Re - Arr.Ver


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