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-Album Details-

Title: Twinbee Yahho! ~Original Game Sound Track~
Publisher:  Konami
Catalog Number:  KICA-7661
Release Date:  Jun 07, 1995

-Music Credits-

Composed by 
Personal B-Number : Game Konami 


01 The Melody Was Lost(Opening Demo)
02 We're Great ~Yahho!Version~ (Title Demo) 
03 Let's Challenge!(Difficulty Select BGM)
04 Be Prepared, OK! (EquipmentSelect BGM)
05 Twin Flight (1st. BGM~SISILIA ISLE~)
06 Kiss My Parasol (1st. BossBGM)
07 We're Great ~Yahho! ClearVersion~ (Stage Clear)
08 Sky Swimming (2st. BGM~RUINS~)
09 Love Love Fanfare Typhoon(2st. Boss BGM)
10 To the Other Side of theSea (3st. BGM ~OVER THE SEA~)
11 Crazy Tirpitz (3st. BossBGM)
12 Aerial Corridor (4st. BGM~AERIAL CORRIDOR~)
13 Varroom March (4st. BossBGM)
14 Dancing Toys (5st. BGM~WONDER PALACE~)
15 Wonderful Armor (WonderWonderful BGM)
16 The Plot of Prince Nonsense(Elekidoll Emily Entry BGM)
17 Schizoid Doll (ElekidollEmily BGM)
18 You Meet For... (6st. BGM~THE CHASE~)
19 We're Great ~Yahoo!Instrumental Version~ (Ending)
20 Amazing! (Ranking)
21 Surely We Will Meet Again,OK! (Game Over)
22 Magical Melody (UnusedStaff Roll BGM)
23 OriginalVoice / Sound Effects A La Carte


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